Look for a date in a document or text

Hello Forum team
I am new in uipath, please someone help me on how to check or identify the dates in the text or some document.
It would be great help.
Thank you

Hi @James90
Which text or what type of documents you have? if explain it in detail then it will be helpful to understand.

Hi @jitendra_123
For example let this be text
"Set text wrapping to “square” for pictures and other graphical elements to enable text to flow around the element.

Avoid wasting paper by starting each major heading on a new page.

Dates found in documents might be in many different forms e.g.

03 September 2019

3 September 2019

September 3, 2019

Sep 3rd, 2019

3 Sep ‘19

Reliability of information

If you are providing your own opinions in your report, try to balance them by also adding in alternative points of view (other people’s opinions).

Avoid statements that begin with "People say…" or "Experts believe…". This lowers the credibility and value of your report, and conveys the possibility that you have conducted appropriate research. Your report should state which people or which experts (see plagiarism below)!

You should take care to avoid making simple errors in presenting figures e.g. saying 73% of people were not satisfied when you meant to say 37%."

Now robot need to find the date in it and show in message box.
Your help will be in great depth.
Thank you

Hi @James90
You can do this by two ways
1- String Orations and 2- Using Regex

Hi @jitendra_123
Please can you share the wolkflow of both way, I don’t know what to do in this case.
Thank you for your help.