Long path tool in uipath

How to use long path tool in uipath means how we can invoke the this tool to uipath… can anyone of you explain??

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Check for nuget package of that tool, if it is available then include that in your process

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Sorry can you elaborate more to easily address the issue like what is Long path tool ? you can share some screenshots here or make a description on it . Please Thanks :smiley: @amala443

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Use Open Application -

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if we have a file name or folder name contains greater than 260 characters the copy directory or copy file cannot copy the files… here we can error like path too long exception
to overcome this error we have to use long path tool software to copy those files or folders …

where we have to check that nuget package ??


You have to check that in the tool’s website if they have provided anything.

ok I will check

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they didn’t provide anything in the tool’s website…


which long path tool you are referring here, please share us the website link.

this is we are using

after open the application how we can the path automatically through browse/search

Try Click/Type into activities.

Long PathTool is a software that will let you easily delete, copy or rename long path files.

I suggest you Long Path Tool will let you easily delete, copy or rename long path files, you can try it for better service.

Use LongPathTool. It really helps.

Long path tool can solve your problem easily. It can delete, copy, move and bulk rename long path files or locked files easily. Try it, It is very useful.

I see all suggestion about the long path tool, but out of the box, I use the very helpful and full options copying program which called Gs Richcopy 360, to copy , move, delete files that have a too long path, also to copy files from a server to another, to copy over WANs and over LANs, to copy NTFS/shared permission, to encrypt files before sending and many professional tools

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Check the below thread for the same :-

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