Logs won't work in Orchestrator and Elasticsearch

Hi there

I’m trying to set up a VM running Windows Server with UiPath 2018.2.3, Orchestrator, Elastisearch 5.5.2 and Kibana 5.5.2. As I run any job via robot or orchestrator, there no logs either in orchestrator nor elastisearch.

I have a “default-*” pattern in Kibana to watch for logs in Elastisearch, I’ve read the config files for both and they’re both running and together because I can use Dev Tools to POST stuff in Elastisearch.

I think the problem might be on Orchestrator but sitll, I’ve checked the web.config file and all seems fine like the guides say.

Thanks in advance

I managed to get this working. The problem was an error in web.config, I had InternalLogLevel=“On”.

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