Logs not showing up in Orchestrator

Logs had been showing up in Orchestrator, but no longer are appearing.

We are using the Community License. We are accessing Orchestrator from the cloud (https://cloud.uipath.com/)

I have tried steps such as the following found in other threads, but it hasn’t helped.

Step 1:
Open a File Explorer and go to %appdata%\uipath\logs. (if there is no folder, then ignore this step and go to step 2)
You may find a file there, without extension, called “offline”. It is created by a Windows library “Event Tracing for Windows” or ETW and sometimes gets corrupted.
This file may be hidden, so please open the “View” menu in file explorer and check the option “Hidden items”.
Delete this file and restart the UiPath service.

Step 2:
stop the UiPath service
Delete the folder “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs\execution_log_data folder” and restart the service.


I just ran a process with two log messages activities, and as you mentioned I don’t show any logs.

Logs started showing up for me this morning again, though I didn’t change anything.