Logs Not Sent To Elasticsearch

Fix when logs are not sent to Elasticsearch.

Issue Description: Logs get streamed with documentType="logEvent" consistently. serverdiagnostics logs also get streamed correctly. There may be issues with Robotelastic plugin as logs are not sent to Elasticsearch.


  1. Post a log to Elasticsearch using devtools with type as logevent. Verify if that data is already present with type as _doc and both types are allowed.
  2. Now post with type as _doc and verify if gets posted; it should be possible to view the entry in Kibana dashboard
  3. Modify the web.config file and change the documentType from logEvent to _doc.
  4. Also, remove the server elastic buffer target as it is not required
  5. Restart IIS and it should be possible to see Orchestrator logs in Kibana.

Follow the below guides for setting up Elasticsearch/ Kibana and integrating with Orchestrator.