Logs not getting added in Orchestrator on one of the Bot machine for new bots deployed and also Bot is not executing

Hello Everyone

I am facing an issue, and need your expert advice:

There are 4 unattended bot machines that I am using.

When I deployed one of my latest bot with Re-framework on one of the bot machine, let us say Machine “1”, strangely as it was executed it was closing without doing anything, nothing was visible in logs within Orchestrator, not even a default message that appears for any bot like “… execution started” was missing. Nothing was there in logs and also the bot was not executed at all.

At this moment still the other older bots that are deployed are running fine, and logs are visible for these other older bots in Orchestrator as well that are executed at present as well.

This bot to check, I executed on Machine “2”, it executed as per expectations and all logs were stored too.

Now, again I created a simple bot, with a Message box, 2-3 Logs messages, and activity like OPEN BROWSER and Kill etc. When executed on Machine “1”, again nothing was stored in logs, it was totally blank. But it poped up Message box, opened browser and killed browser. But when the same was executed on Machine “2”, everything was fine, and even logs were stored.

Can anyone suggest steps for resolution of this issue. Why the bot is not executing and logs are not getting stored on this machine. And in another case of smaller test bot created, why it is also not storing logs, but it is executed. I am really confused. Also if it is related to high volume of DB logs storage, then this problem should occur on other machines as well, and also for the older bots that are running even on Machine “1”. Based on suggestions from experts I removed logs files generated on bot machine. But still the problem is there. Any help will really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi @ankswe

Please try this on the machine where you don’t see the logs coming

Please try below steps on the server.

Step 1:
Open a File Explorer and go to %appdata%\uipath\logs. (if there is no folder, then ignore this step and go to step 2)
You may find a file there, without extension, called “offline”. It is created by a Windows library “Event Tracing for Windows” or ETW and sometimes gets corrupted.
This file may be hidden, so please open the “View” menu in file explorer and check the option “Hidden items”.
Delete this file and restart the UiPath Robot service.

Step 2:
stop the UiPath Robot service
Delete the folder “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs\execution_log_data folder” and restart the service.