Logs are not visible in Orchestrator from last days

Hi All,

Can you some one help me on logs are not visible in Orchestrator ,two days ago everything working fine and i was able to see all the logs and completed items in orchestrator logs but last 2 days i am not able see logs.

Please help

Are you sure you selected “All” as the option in Time filter as showcased in below screenshot?

If you are using community version, you can see a button called “Filters”(as highlighted in the screenshot), when you click on that “Filters” button, then you can see these filters for Time, Level etc…, In older enterprise versions, there’s no button called “Filters”. Directly you can see filters for Time, Level etc…,

If you haven’t already selected “All” option in the time filter, please select that and check if your logs are visible.

I am see filter button and already selected all still i am not able to see logs, Others machine working fine and able to see logs.

Any others idea how we can fix it?

What did you mean by others machine?

Did you select correct filters for level, machine and other columns too? If there’s any option like “All”, select"All" for all filters and check

Surya Others machine means my process is running in 4 machine and 3 machine is working as expected,logs are visible in all machine expect 1 machine.

I checked all filter and its selected as All -Time-All, Process-All, Level-Trace, Machine-All.

Last two days logs not visble in orchestrator

Not sure what’s going wrong.

Check if you’re machine is connected to orchestrator.

If everything is connected properly and if you are using enterprise version, you can raise ticket with UiPath support

how we can raise ticket to uipath support?

Raise incident with UIPath

If Orchestrator cant show logs, most llikely as mentioned by other collegues, it can be caused by Filters in the Logs panel from Orchestrator.

But, it the Orhcestrator is not receving the logs, so they will not be visible.

Try to check direct in the machine, maybe you face on installation issue, or you can try to disconnect and connect it again to orchestrator.

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