Logon with username and encrypted password

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I try to create an Automation to log on to a Website.
I use the “typeinto” activity. My problem is, the password is saved in cleartext. If any other person is open the studio he can read my password. Is there any possibility to save the password credentials encrypted? Please see an example in the picture.

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Hi @udo.tamegger. Welcome to forum

To store the username and password u can use the two options

  1. Using assets in orchestrator

Asset with type as credentials can be used to store username and password and can be retrived by the get credentials activitiy in Uipath.

  1. Using Windows credentials Manager.

If u don’t want to use orchestrator u can use Windows credentials Manager for storing credentials and to retrive values from there u can use Uipath.Credentials.Activities package inside it use Get Secure Credentials activitiy to retrive the username and password.

The password retrived from both cases would be secure string.

For typing secure string, u can use type into secure string activitiy.

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