Logo not displaying in Gmail when sent from Send Outlook Mail Message

Hi Team,
I have added logo in the body of Email Content(Using html code as below),

Dear Sir/Madam,

This Is To bring To your kind notice that we have received the claim filed By you On ,{5} corresponding To the policy # {0} for {1}.

The status Of your claim Is {2}. The amount payable Is {3}

Please quote your Claim No. {4} For any further conversations Or clarifications.

Thank you for giving Life opportunity to be your insurance provider.

When i sent using Send Outlook Mail Message Activity,logo is displaying in only outlook accounts but not displaying in gmail account.

Appreciate your help. @lakshman @sarathi125 @Palaniyappan

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did we try doing that manually
is it getting reflected in gmail when even sent to gmail

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As @Palaniyappan mentioned, manually send mail to Gmail and check it once whether it’s showing logo or not.

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Hi @Palaniyappan @lakshman.

Yes,manually i checked and the logo is displaying in Gmail when i sent manually.

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Is it because of sending the body with html code?

@Palaniyappan @lakshman


Just keep logo and send mail.

I have written only this code and sent and still same issue.
I Gmail ,i could not able to see the logo.


Ok will try my side and let you know.

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Hi Team,

As this is old post but i didn’t got any solution for this.Can anyone help on this!
When I am trying to add an image into email body using HTML via giving source of the file{file path store in my laptop}.
But when i am sending email using send outlook message activity to external emails(Gmail,yahoo or hotmail)the image dosen’t appear into email body.
I am using the HTML code:
image ‘Logo’.

As i am sending email using office networ ,I dont have access to google drive to load the image and use the path in HTML code,any other alternative solution for this.

Pls refer belwo link it will help u to resolve your issue

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Hi @kannappa.k ,

Will this works with SMTP /Exchange server activity also?