Login workflow not set to an instance

Hi All,

when i start run at main workflow. I found that this problem in login workflow.

how can i solve this issue? my login work flow is work well separately. but initAllApplications throws error…

Look at your arguments - (In_Config is NULL Value.) so is not set anywhere.


Have you passed Config value to in_Config argument or not ?

If not then click on Import Arguments and pass Config to that argument and then give it a try.

I set the arguments.

Maybe in_config argument dose not pass at parent workflow…

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Could you please run the workflow in Debug mode and check once.

Check the values are correctly declared.


Hi All

First, I show screenshot about current error.

When i start at main workflow. login is work well ane then navigation workitem work well too.

but data scraping is do not work properly. I success sorting WI5 type and stored in WIID_Value.

i check WIID_value, it contain total 20 data.

But, data scraping does not finished and then keep holding condition. and then about 30 second away, it click logout and throws error.

i think it is conflict page navigation icon…but i can’t solve this problem.

anyone know this situation??

i attached my workflow.
assingment1.zip (907.3 KB)

I solve this problem.
Thanks All !!

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@111181 Glad to solved it :slight_smile: