Login to Website - Login Credentials disappearing after entry on bank website

I have successfully created a sequence for Uipath to login to a website and enter the User ID and Password - However the moment the password is entered by Uipath but before it can click on “LOGIN” - The user id and password both get disappeared. When the credentials are entered manually it works fine . What could be the reason for the credentials to disappear before clicking on login. For eg the site name is www.icicibank.com

Are you able to post your workflow for entering in the information?

Hi @arvindve,
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Maybe this bank has some kind of security which can measure how fast password and data are written (robot) and prevents from it. You could try to make some delays between writing each letter etc.

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Give some delay in entering data into user id and password fields.
And also do not use send hot keys (like tab / enter ).
Use only clicks and type into activities.

Karthik Byggari

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No, That is the issue which i am facing while giving the data.