Login to UiPath Cloud Platform


I’m able to login through my phone and my PC, but once I try to login to the portal through a VM, it fails. Specifically, it states:

“Your session has expired. Please login again”

I’m sure the email and password is correct, and I’ve tried Microsoft edge, Internet Explorer, and Chrome (even incognito mode).

Are there any settings to the PC that I have to make in order to allow the login?


Hi @Nisa,
Please use https://cloud.uipath.com. This is the correct address.


Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for your prompt response! However, issue still persists :confused: Screenshots below:

Is your mail in any of the domain @hotmail @gmail or something like that? Have you tried to use other logon options?

Hey @Pablito,

Yup it’s a gmail account. It’s only happening for a particular VM. If I were to use the same account for other computers, it works fine.

I’m trying to install a robot to the VM, so I want to login to Cloud platform with it.

I’m not understand clearly. Cloud platform is your access to orchestrator. You have there only one account. And in orchestrator you need to make machine account with which you will connect robot to orchestrator.

Hi Pablito,

Yes you’re right. Cloud Platform also has access to the installer for UiPath Studio and Robot. I’m currently trying to login to the Cloud Platform, get the installer from Resource Center, and install only the robot to the VM.

I can’t get to this page at the moment.

Hi @Nisa

Could you try different browsers and/or clearing your cache?

Hey @loginerror,

Yup already tried both! Even incognito mode as well :confused:

I am having similar issue. When I try to connect to Services from platform.uipath.com, I am challenged for login detail and then page is stuck and does not proceed to services page. I am using my Microsoft account to login. However my dashboard page works fine. Any help is appreciated.

@Nisa @rg_rahul,
Any chance that firewall or proxy is blocking you?

Hey @Pablito,

It suddenly started working for me today, and I didn’t make any changes to the VM. It’s great that it’s working - but I’m still not too sure with what the problem was :confused:

Hmmm maybe some ISP temporary issue? Hard to say as only you experienced such issue.

Yea, not too sure about it either, just hope that it doesnt happen again :pray: Thanks a lot for your help though @Pablito and @loginerror! Appreciate your swift response :blush:

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Hello guys,
I’m having a strange issue with the login of https://account.uipath.com/
using “continue with microsoft”. since yesterday it was working fine but today I’m having this:

fortunately for me I have created a second user using my personal email and I can access it.
But why with my MS account it is not working?
My email is a company email vm****@e*******.com (deploy on office 365)

Thanks for help,

Hi @vmariejeanne,
This problem is under investigation right now. Please see top banner or here:

Seems that it’s affecting all of our platforms using Microsoft SSO.

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I just checked and it is working for me as well with Microsoft account. Thanks for help.

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Yup, seems that just minute ago problem has been fixed but I’m waiting for 100% sure confirmation :slight_smile: Thanks for feedback.

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not working for me… Getting session expired error since yesterday

Hi @Rahul_Gupta2

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Please try with different browsers as well, or maybe an incognito mode. It should be working now.

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