Login Page with unique username and password

I want to create login page how can i enter value in username as email and unique password


Mention that in value binding

For each field and how it works

Refer this

  • Value Binding - Bind the textbox to either an RPA Process argument or to an App field. This property gets resolved dynamically during runtime.
    • Hint Text - Configure the help text for the control which shows in the runtime.
    • Default Text - Default value which shows in the runtime.
    • Tooltip - Tooltip to be displayed on the textbox. Use this to provide additional information on the control.
    • Hidden - If selected, hides the control in the runtime.
    • Disabled - If selected, disables the control in the runtime.

Complete doc

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Why do you need that? Use groups instead :slight_smile:
If each user should have unique password it’s easier to add user to groups then manage “passwords” in app.