Login issue while reopening

I tried logging in to a webpage by credentials and do some operations inside. It is working fine when i make the bot to do it for the first time. If i close my UIPath application and reopen it later, it is not performing operations from login stage. Till opening that browser and all its doing.but strucks from login page and i need to repair all the upcoming steps and validate it again to run it back. Why is it so?

can you show the selectors of that activity


make sure you checked that simulateclick @GaneshPalaniappan

Ok…will try. @Mayur_Pawar

@Palaniyappan bro… help… what could be the reason

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Can you join us your xaml file so we can check please ?

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—I thought it would be a selector issue
But looks fine
—Another thing might be is that click activity is placed inside a ATTACH WINDOW activity or a ATTACH BROWSER activity because it comes inside a browser right. So the bot is not able to find the element in the screen. so try adding that inside and execute it once
—or if that doesn’t work either check once with the selector and add few more attributes which can be done by clicking on Open with UI Explorer and from the left side of the selector wizard add few more attributes so that it will become stable enough to click on that element
—make sure that Simulate click in click activity property panel and in type into activity property panel enable the simulate type property

This would work sure for
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @GaneshPalaniappan

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Bro. Attached that activity inside and it works fine now…super… Thanks

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