Login Issue To Gmail: Enabling Gmail for Email Activities

How to resolve the Login issue to Gmail, where Google blocks someone from signing into your Google account from UiPath Studio putting the user account at risk?

The below sequence of steps can be used to access Gmail account contents:

  • Generate App Password: 
  1. Generate the App Passwords to access the Gmail account.
  2. Follow the steps to generate the password using the link:



  1. Completing the steps will generate a 16-digit key.
  2. Use the key for accessing the Gmail account using UiPath Studio.
  • Enable IMAP:  Enable IMAP for the Gmail account.

Follow the steps to enable IMAP using the link:


Completing both the settings will enable the user to access Gmail details using the UiPath Studio.


  • Workflow: 
  1. Add a sequence with "GET IMAP MAIL MESSAGES" activity.

Port Number: 993 
Server: imap.gmail.com
Email Id: abcd@gmail.com
Password : 16-Digit key


  1. Completing the steps, will result in a similar workflow.

Retrieved all the mails and displayed the total mail counts. (Screenshots) 

  • Message Box Output: Reads out the total mails count in the Gmail Account. 



Online Guide: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/enabling-gmail-for-email-activities