Login into SAP - Incoherence for Timeout error

Hello !

I’m using the UiPath.Core Activity “SAP.Login” (Login into SAP) and a found a little “bug”.
When I add the activity to my workflow the arguent : “Misc > Timeout (milliseconds)” is required and is set to 5000 by default.

When I run the analyser I get the ST-DBP-021 “Hardcoded Timeout” warning on this activity.
But if I remove the “5000” Timeout argument value I get a error on the activity “Required activity argument not supplied”. (Even if the tooltip says that the default value is 5000)


My Studio version : 2021.10.5

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HI @Boaepa

Let me verify, what is happening…

Thanks for letting me know!

Best regards, Lev