Login failure error in Orchestrator while executing process from RE Framework

Hi Every One,

I developed a process using framework and deployed in Orchestrator. while executing the process from orchestrator the below error is shown.

Can some one guide me on how to resolve the issue. The login credentials given are correct.
The process gets triggered in Orchestrator when ever a new email is received in outlook.

Your response is much appreciated and thanks in advance.

Hi @sridhar1516
Check the below post
How to link assets in Orchestrator and Get Orchestrator credentials in Studio?



Have you entered domainName\username or not ?

To check exact username of the system open CMD prompt and then type command whoami and will give you exact username of that machine.

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Please verify the steps shared by Lakshman. And here is the link for reference: https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/frequently-encountered-orchestrator-errors#section--logon-failure-unknown-user-name-or-bad-password-

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did u change your domain username or may be any password change recently?

If yes, don’t forgot to update robot machine password and domain username .

Thanks. This helped.

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