Login error in uipath studio

after login in it is showing session experied i have tried by using several mails but no use please help me in loging while i need to connect bot

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here am unable to login to download community addition


Could you please try it in some other browser and also use any of the available login options like Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft to login into cloud account.

i have tried all those options but same result @lakshman


Try with https://cloud.uipath.com/

same problem @mz3bel

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https://platform.uipath.com/ open this link and select your robot it will take to your orchestrator

i have changed date and time in my pc now it is working


Hi @srinivas_chowdary
welcome to the uipath community

if im not mistaken by checking your mention time in your screen shots , there was a uipath platform down period that you have tried that was might be the issue

Here is the status of down time on Mar 18, 2020

issuse solved after chaning date and time in my pc

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