Login approach & reusable workflow

Hi team,
just a quick question, is bettere to use a modular approach in case of some workflow?
Let me explain…

In case i’ve 20 robot that they use the same application, my idea is to create a generic sub-process for login, this because, if the screen changes, I can edit a single object instead of change the xaml in each process…
Is a good approach or not?
In case, how can I do? Simply by invoking a process?

Thanks in advance


Create Library for Login process and install it in all other processes to use it.

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Could you please indicate the points to create the library? How?



Have a look below thread to know more about creating Library.

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Thanks lakshman!

It’s a good approach in your opinion? To create a library for every part of the process that can be reuse?

Could you put some in or out arguments?


Yes it’s good to create Library. So that we can reuse it in other processes.

In arguments - Application URL and Credentials

Out arguments - Login successful or not.

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Thanks @lakshman,
last question, imagine i’ve some changes to do in the reusable library(for example, changes to the login mask), how can i modify the nupkg library file?
And after that, i need also to update the package in all the process that use this library?
Because in that case, it is not very flexible as a solution


You can open the main library file in UiPath studio and do whatever ever changes you want to perform in it. Post changes you can publish the library project. Then you need to update it in all other processes from Manage Packages section. It’s easiest way to implement it.

Wouldn’t it be better to invoke a separate process in order to make the changes and have the update automatically on all the processes that call it, without updating every process that calls that library?

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