An Item in a queue(for example - some name(xxx)) is taken into a process…The process will run for ever 40mins…I will check the use XXX to check certain condition in a particular link…until it gets statisfied… i need the value XXX should be inside the process …even I runs every 40 mins…Once it statisfied i dont want the value XXX to be used…

Hi @vikaram_viki,

The question is not clear. The way I understood it you can try

  1. The first time the queue item is read by the performer (“xxx”) create an asset in the Orchestrator with the value you got from the queue (assign QueueValue = “xxx”)

  2. Remember to make an asset the robot user must have the right permissions in the Orchestrator.

  3. From now every time the Queue item is run you can check if the Queue item is the same as last time (“xxx”). If it is the same as the your created asset value then do the logic. If it is a new value (“abc”), then replace the value of the asset (QueueValue=“ABC”) and run the logic

As I said earlier your question is not clear and others in the forum will also benefit from a clearly defined problem statement.