Logic to Build Bot

Hi All,

In a single process we have 10 steps, we can consider the whole process was successful only if all the 10 steps are completed without any issues.

• If Bot fails at any one of the steps, Bot will send the exception notification to IT Team.
• Based on the IT Team response Bot want to trigger the BOT from any one of the step.

For Example:

If Bot fails at STEP 5, IT Team will be notified. IT team may want to trigger the BOT from anyone of the below steps.

 Step 2
 Step 5
 Step 7
Can you guys suggest me to build the logic based on this scenarios.



Hey just curios to know, how the IT team will notify the BOT, we should have some interface or some input parameter to get the IT team’s input right?

In which framework you are doing it, how many transactions are there?
These 10 steps are applicable for all the transaction or only one transaction going to be there?

Hi Sarathi,

  1. IT team will send an email to the BOT Machine, Bot will read the email based on the steps mentioned in email, the bot will proceed further.
  2. Please suggest me how can i approach.?
  3. This logic is applicable for all the steps.

If you are doing it with REFramework, then by reading emails, I assume the emails may be your transaction items.
By reading the emails, you can extract the step needs to be run, so you need to pass that value to the process, in the process you should have all the steps individually in separate xamls.


From Process.xaml you can split the input from email and identify the step to run.
So you can directly call the respective xaml by passing the below line inside a Invoke Workflow.

curdir +"\Steps\Step" + stepFromMal.ToString.Trim+".xaml"

If you need to run all the steps then you can start from the beginning then run the whole process.

I assumed no steps are inter connected.

This should be fairly easy to do if your process have an argument that identify which step the robot should execute at the start, so if IT can choose the value every time they want at the creation of the job…