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Hi Beautiful People, @Yoichi @ppr @Palaniyappan
What is the way to pass if condition in selector?
Why I want to pass if condition in selector. The reason is

I want to scrape data from table its one more table but the way to move one table from another table using this button.
image problem is:
I am using “Data Scrape” method but when it will scrape next table by using this button(In Screenshot) bot will get again this button (
)for getting back to the first table and it will continue 2/3 time and finish the execution. Data will repeat 2/3 times. What is the way to solution?
My Opinion is … I don’t know it is proper or not?
Var_element_exist. in data scrape there is “next selector” in next selector I want to pass if condition when Var_element exist with true the selector will not work. If I am in the way or any other good solution it would be appreciated. Please assist me.

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For now, can you share screenshot of UiExplorer for both button? (especially items in right side lane)


Hey @Jesmine

You can make few workarounds here,

  1. Do the same as what you are doing and finally remove the duplicates from the data table (foolish though but resolves the issue)

  2. Make the next link button selector more specific and unique pointing to the Right arrow button only

Hope this helps


Hi Thanks! I have did it and its working perfectly.

Thanks! I have did it by own

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Cool @Jesmine :innocent::+1:

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