Logic in flow

I have two table

1st table where we will have all the input mapping
2nd table is where we have all the data

1st table

Member Email
Dev1 dev1@gmail.com
Dev2. dev2@gmail.com
Fan1. Fan1@gmail.com
Fan2. Fan2@gmail.com
Man1 man1@gmail.com
Man2. man2@gmail.com
Other others@gmail.com

2nd table
Where we will all the data

Address. Member. Number
Delhi. Dev1. 355
Mumbai. Dev2. 677
Chennai. Sol1. 788
Chennai. Sol1. 678
New york wow1. 987
Delhi. Man2. 245

Here the think is to filter the member column based on the name

First when I filter the dev1 column I need to send that table to the mail id of dev1 row

If the value is not found in the first table
We need to accumulate all the value of the table which is not matching
Eg: sol1 wow1 val is not matching in table 1 so we need to capture those and make a table and sent to the other column mail id mapped in that column

Please help