Logging into UiPath Studio

I have installed UiPath Studio and used it carry out practical expamples for the Foundation Training Revamp - Cert. However, when I am trying to open UiPath Studio, it keeps asking for me activate which I have already done as otherwise I would not have been able to use it previously!

How can I continue to get access to UiPath Studio or extend my license?

Hi @Kiren,

Not sure if you are using Community edition, if you do, please use the link below to renew the community edition:

If you are using the trial version, please contact support:

Hope this info helps!

Thank you for your feedback.

I believe I have been using the community edition and have renewed using the link you provided. However, I am still being taken through the activation process…


I am previously contact the technical support and activations department, and they said I have to go through the forum.

I am now being passed from pillar to post!