Logging in does not retain Service URL preference

If the Assistant is disconnected or logged out for whatever reason, clicking on the “Sign In” option does not work because the Orchestrator Settings always set the Service URL back to a default value. The Service URL utilized by my organization is retained as an option, so it is easy to fix this by updating the Orchestrator Settings. Not sure why it doesn’t just retain the Service URL most recently used for logging in.

Hi @j.saunders,

What Assistant version do you use? If you had a successful login, the URL should be saved automatically.



It is version 2020.10.15

My Service URL is: https://rpa-uipath.cce.af.mil/


Check this section in your UiPath.config file (in the installation path of your robot). There you have your default value.

    <add key="defaultServiceUrl" value="https://cloud.uipath.com" />

Normally, your changed value of the Service URL is placed in the "C:\ProgramData\UiPath\UiPath.settings". If somehow it is changed, you will have the default value from the UiPath.config file.

Updating the defaultServiceUrl manually within UiPath.config seems to have worked.

This worked for me. Thanks!



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