Logging Help

Where should I see the auto-logging? I’ve added a use Application/browser activity to my process project and still don’t see it.

I see it in Studio logs when running in Studio, and in Orchestrator logs when running unattended. They’re just regular log entries.

I wasn’t asking about where the output appears. I wanted to know where I should see the option to turn on the auto-logging.

As I said before, there is no such option. It’s just automatic. Started seeing the log entries when we moved to modern and started using Use Application/Browser, etc.

When you’re looking at your logs in Orchestrator, do you have it filtered to only show at the Info level or something? Make sure you’re looking at Trace level, that’s what I always use and I always see the automatic log entries.

Also, make sure your robot is set to Trace level logging.

In Orchestrator the filter level is set to Trace. The Robot was set to verbose (I thought that was more detailed).

But as I mentioned earlier, I don’t get any information in the logs.

Do you mean no info as in the log for the job is empty? That’s probably an issue with the Orchestrator database being too full. Do you regularly clean it out?

I get an entry that the job started and stopped. Thats it. We have the hosted version of orchestrator - so couldn’t say about space requirements.

We’re also a brand new customer. Trying to find the correct documentation online has made me want to get some root canals.

I don’t know anything about the cloud version. But I doubt you have any database issues there.

I suggest reaching out to your rep to get it solved.