Logging Exceptions in RE Framework

I am integrating a code (not the advanced course assignment) into the RE Framework.

What I need to do (an example):
I have 2 unread emails. In each email, there are 3 attachments. I need to iterate through those 2 emails and download all the attachments, and then process each attachment (Process Transaction). However, in the process, there may be a business or system exception.

My question 1:
How do I continue process for the 2nd attachment even if my 1st attachment process (Process Transaction) fail? My TransactionItem here is MailMessage because I need to iterate through the emails.

My question 2:
How do I log the error from the 1st attachment process failure somewhere/anywhere (perhaps in an excel file?)?

Please help! Thanks!

Answer to your questions:

In the process transaction, you have for each to loop thru each attachment. In the body of for loop add a try/catch block. If processing first attachment fails, the code jumps to catch block. You can take a decision in the catch block what you want to do. Like ignoring the error or sending email like that.

For example if you want completely move out the of the for loop (dont want to process the next attachments), use Rethrow activity.

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