Log size for low / medium / high complex bots




As I’m going through jearney to setup and use UIPath, one of the questions and options we are looking into is using Splunk with the setup for dashboard and monitoring. Our Splunk team has asked - “How much data you are going to produce in a day”? Simply, don’t know as I don’t have any scripts created yet.

Can someone give me a ballpark size of logs for application that will read the data from one screen and interact with 3 different screens by entering the data scraped from first application.

If I could get breakdown from low / medium / and then high complexity bots, it would be great for future planning.



Hi @Kemal,

I have created multiple BOTs and the size of the log file depends upon following (to my knowledge)

1.> How complex your bot is.
2.> How many times a day it has to run.
3.> If there are “for”,“while” loops , then the number of iterations it has to make.
4.> How many activities does the bot need perform in sequence or workflow per execution.

As per my knowledge, I think for each run there is a execution log created :slight_smile:

1.> Low complexity BOT -> Execution Log would take 200 kb to 600kb of data.

2.> Medium complexity BOT -> Execution Log would take 10mb to 25 mb of data.

3.> High complexity BOT -> Execution Log would take > 30mb to 60mb of data.

If Execution Log is pretty much important, then you can save it or else if its not , then you can document important things for each run in an excel file and delet the execution log if not required.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you bud!