Log on to several tenants simultaneously with Windows Auth

I can’t work out how to be logged on to both of our tenants, from the same browser. We use Windows auth, so we dont log in by typing a username and password, its just to click the Windows icon and then click on a tenant.

I haven’t used multi-tenant mode with Orchestrator. Is the URL different between tenants? If so can you not go directly to the URL for each one?

If you have separate credentials for each tenant and the URLs are different, you could use the Windows Credential Manager to associate which of your profiles to use with each resource.

Is it possible to set or change the tenant before clicking the Windows Icon?


Based on the documentation as well as I know the Tenent ID is passed in with the API calls, the browser may not know how to distinguish between the tenants. This behaviour is the same as if you had a single tenant and wanted to log in with two different users… You would have to use a different browser or an isolated browser session to sign into two or more.