Log message return NULL exception with UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.Activities


I am working on a project that runs normally, today UiPath Studio (ver 2020.10.6) return a NULL exception when sending a log message with a string:

How can handle this error? Maybe something other is NULL? Someone else has the same problem?

I run other projects and didn’t return an error like this.

Thanks, Gio

I downgraded MicrosoftTeams.Activities version to v0.4.0 and works fine. Surely the bug is on version 0.5.0, that in my case is not usable.

Can you please share your workflow ?

It occurs with other log message activity with a diferent string?

Have you tried removing the log message activity and adding another one and incluinding the text/string?

If I remove the log activity, the workflow doesn’t give an error, but when I call it from another workflow the invoke activity returns the same error. I didn’t found any other errors and I removed almost all the arguments and variables, but the situation didn’t change. I’m running this workflow into the “Process” workflow of the REFramework.


found, it was “UiPath.MicrosoftTeams.Activity” fault, when I remove it, the project works normally.


Hi @q.gio ,

I’m glad it’s solved :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity have you installed that extension/package knowingly? It’s needed on your project? I ask because i had a similar issue with another activity just yesterday, where a non needed activity was added as a dependency and was breaking some non related activity.

Hi @lfcosta,

in my case, I installed the last version (0.5.0) of “MicrosoftTeams.Activities” because I would send message to a Teams channel. Then appeared this NULL exception in every log activity and in every invoke workflow activity of the project. I tried to solve this problem and tested different options but the result was the same. I found some non needed packages but seemed that they didn’t matter (for example into the “import” two Balareva packages that I didn’t install).

When I removed the “MicrosoftTeams.Activities” package, everything works fine again with no exceptions.


Hi @q.gio

Thank you for reporting, it is indeed quite easy to reproduce:

  • open new project
  • add MicrosoftTeams.Activities 0.5.0
  • add one Log Message activity with a simple string
  • run the project

I will push this topic into our internal tracker and update the topic whenever our team will fix it.

Hi @q.gio,

We have identified a fix for the issue, a new package will be published shortly.