Log message of when continue on error at the retry scope


I wanted to enable continue for error for the retry scope activity. (Condition : Check True activity)

But when the error occur, although I put the a error message at the Check True Activity, the log message shows “System.Activities.InArgument`1[System.String]”

How to make the log message shows the error message or it won’t shows any log message about

The below is the example that I do :

The below is the output for the example :


I think it’s better to turn off ContinueOnError of RetryScope and surrounded it by TryCatch activity then put LogMessage activity in Catch, in this case
I’m not sure but “System.Activities.InArgument1[System.String]”` might be a bug.


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tested the secuence and shows the same error

the process is doing well, its printing the correct error when it fails, i think is better to deactivate the ContinueOnError propertie.



I don’t want the process to end the work execution as it will end while it still facing error after retry.

And I also wanted it to continue on the process below the retry scope activity.


I wanted to ask whether it have any idea to retry the process with the try catch?
Type of error > System exception error.


so as @Yoichi suggested, put that retry scope inside trycath activity, so when this process end the retrieve mechanish and shows the exception, in the catch block you will show the exception in a log message and continue with the process if needed


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Thanks for your answer.

I have the idea on how to do it ald.



FYI, the following might also help you.


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