Log message error in assignment 1 of level 3

I’m getting this error can someone help me with this ?

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Hi @Mayur_Pawar

What value have you passed in log message

Show the exact scenario

Ashwin S


This value i passed

hi @Mayur_Pawar

Have you tried printing individually

but in screenshot transationNumber started from 1 and id is XYZ and according to the condition it satisfy ?right ?

Is it me? Or am I seeing Config object is showing up as null in the debugger?

i didn’t get it ???

Pls check whether all the arguments where invoked properly ! Because it is showing Config = null.

In your screenshot, the config object shows up as null.

Therefore when you try to access it, you will get an error.

how to backtrack that than ???

Make sure that the config object is passed as a parameter to that workflow.