Log in certain application inside citrix doesnt work

Im trying to log in inside citrix using mozilla, when i click the ‘LOG In’ Tab it doesnt work, even when I use the’ENTER’ Keyboard

Which activity are you using to click the login tab? have you tried ‘click image’ activity?

Or after entering the password, hit tab and then enter. you can use ‘Send hotkey’ activity for that.

I try to use both but it didnt work.

Hi Ivonama - Can you try using Citrix recorder to capture your actions.

yes I also try, at first it works, but when i try to run it the next day up to now it doesnt work already ,:tired_face:

Hi Ivonama - Did you check with the selector, it might be because of it[If you have closed and open the browser again in case]

Okay Ill try to do Big Thanks:grin: