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One more question at the beginning of the automation journey.

I have an excel table with 8000 records to be processed, as I can write to a .txt file that each record was executed or not.


“Item 456 processed successfully”

I thought about doing this with the Log Message activity, but I think I wrote it wrong.

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Use the Index property of your for each loop. Set it to a variable and log "Processando item " + RowIx.ToString, where RowIx is the variable you will declare.

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Thank you for your help!

If I understood correctly, would that be it? In fact, the error indication no longer occurs.

This DT variable is the output of my for each Row.

Another question, I put this log activity inside my for each.

I’ll try

Yes, this will be in your For Each. Your output will be something like “Processando item 0”, “Processando item 1”, “Processando item 2”, etc.

Very, very, very Thanks @Anthony_Humphries !

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