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Does any one know how to track the time of the Bot execution.
I have a workflow running in VDI(remote desktop) to process multiple invoices. But while doing load testing(high volume of invoices) the screen turns off. VDI gets locked. Is there any way to find the time when the workflow stops.

Along your process use any SEND MAIL activity and in that body property mention as Now.ToString
And also at the end of the process use same send mail activity and mention the body property as Now.ToString

So that you will be getting mail the time when started and ended
Or we can keep this as a log in a excel file as well
Cheers @AditiGandhi

Most likely you can look at the process logs to see the last info there.

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Thanks @Palaniyappan
And how to know the reason for failure?

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We can keep the whole sequence inside the try block of try catch activity and if it fails it will go to Catch block where we can get the exception message like this
str_message = exception.Message.ToString
str_source = exception.Source.ToString

Which can be sent to mail along the body property s well

Cheers @AditiGandhi

Thanks for the solution

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