Log exception does not appear in Orchestrator

I have created a Library in order to log Try Catch exceptions across my Project.

The library has an in parameter of type Exception and it logs the exception by adding fields such as Exception Message, Source, InnerException(if Any).

The problem is that in the Orchestrator Job Logs section the messages logged using this Library are not shown but in the local logs file of the robot virtual machine they appear.

Do you have any ideas why this behaviour?

Thanks in advance

Make sure the log level is set correctly in Orchestrator. By default, it’s usually set to Info, but to be sure you’re logging everything, you could set it to Trace.

Thank you Anthony but it is not the case. I am logging on Error Level, forgot to mention.

@Alexandru_Bene - in your library- log message activity type as as Error and adding the writing the exception? is orchestrator logging is level set to??

pls re-check your library - is log message activity- type mentioned as info/Error?
if not - try to add Log message activity and write your exception with type as Error and check…