Log active work time

Hey guys,
My company wants us to enter the amount of hours per day we work, in a separate system. I’m trying to come up with a process for this to save myself some time. I need some smart way to record the amount of hours i work per day.

maybe this could be done by:
-assuming that when the computer is in use(mouse moves etc) i’m working and when it’s been idle for x amount of minutes, i’m not.

  • create some sort of timer start and stop button located on the desktop?
  • make a process that uses a pop up window to ask the user if he is working or not?

At the end of the week the goal is to have the total amount of hours recorded somehow, maybe in excel, so i can then transfer it to the other system.

Any ideas of how to create a smart process for measuring the amount of hours one works per day?

Are you looking for a solution using UiPath? @thomasb82

Yep. Preferably maybe have an attended robot running in the background on my comp.

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Okay perfect, the same is possible by trigger monitoring activities where it will monitor for mouse movements and keyboard entries or even more.

Also, you can monitor by using task manager processes. If that specific processes are used time will be counted.