Lock non-empty cells after write range

Hi, how do i lock the cells after writing range to excel sheets by bot. I need to lock the cells which is not empty. The empty cells should still be able to edit.

Hi @Username95

e.g. you could use “Select Range” activity (guess the range should be known since you created the input) and doing the rest as you do it as a user.

Hi, i mean bot will write datatables into the excel files, and leaves some columns blank for future inputs manually. But dont want the person to enter in the future to touch the fields that were input by the bot.
So bot’s task is to input the files, and locked the cells with inputs…

Of course, the bot will do that. :wink:

Sorry, I guess I wrote in a misunderstandable way.

Yes, the bot writes the datatable but you know or you have the ability to know the size of the datatable. So you are also able to select the range afterwards and modify it based on your requirements with further activities.

If I find some time tomorrow I try to send you some screenshots…guess this will help to understand.