Lock computer during execution


I’m actually developping a process which will do the following :

  1. Manually, the business user launch a process (using the UiPath button in tray zone)
  2. The process launched, and open a web browser, and open a website which required a physical authentication (the user should type a personnal password, which can not be stored, even in a secured asset)
    –> At this stage, a message box is displayed, and the process will wait until the user type his password, and valid the message
  3. The process continue, automatically, without any user intervention, until end of the process.

Our issue is that the computer stay open during execution (step #3).
We would like to lock the screen and continue the process in backgroung when step 3 is started. (for security reasons)
Do you know if it is possible ? If yes, how can I implement that ?

We use Orchestrator, and our robots are licensed as “Unattended” type.

Thanks in advance for helping.

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Hi @julien.rousseau,

Can’t you store password in machine , using windows credential manager.

Thank You,
Shubham Pratap

@julien.rousseau Welcome to our UiPath community.
Yes If your process is executing in Background then you can lock your workstation while execution.
Please find attached sequence which will help you to lock your workstation
Sequence.xaml (3.8 KB)

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