Lock a Flowchart for edition


I need lock a flowchart, for that another users can’t edit this flowchart.

Anothers users only can execute this project, and can’t edit this workflow.

It’s posssible?

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You can publish the flow. So that others can only run the bot and can;t see your code.

  • Publish the workflow.

  • Goto UiPath Robot in Quick Launch Tool Bar (UI Icon)


Click Run on process you want to Run.


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I think you would have to change the Security access to the folder or file so it can only be Written by certain users.

Right click the folder or workflow file and go to Properties, then go to “Security”. Change the User’s access there.

EDIT: also, like posted above, you would want to publish the project so other users can run it from the UiRobot, rather than from inside Studio.


I’m use the Community Edition.

How can I get the Robot?

Yes you will have it already.

If not there, goto Windows and search UiPath Robot.

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I found it!

Thank you Very Much!

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Congrats. :grinning:

Please mark the thread as solved.

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