Locating a table in excel

Hello, I have a requirement in which in an excel there is a table which could start from any particular location. For reading an excel I would obviously use “Read range” but since I would need that table to be at a specific location to Identify it, which is not the case every time as the user might change the template.
How can I identify the location of the table?

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Hi ashutoshkhantwal:

You can use “Get table range” activity to locate the range of a particular table, wherever it be, while you have the table name.


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Sorry, it is not a table but something of this sorts and the section I am interested in is below engagement.
So that section could be anywhere on the sheet. I want to be able to extract the information wherever it may be.

If template gonna be always the same, maybe you can search “the title of the table” (“Engagement” for example) and then get your data from there.

The template will not be same in the sense that the position of that particular table/section might change by some cells, i.e. if the table starts from cell A13, for the next template it might start from A16.

There is no table name for the sheet.

Sorry, but I think that I wasn’t explaining well.
When I said “title” I meant “headers”. And when I said “template” I meant “the same structure of data, wherever it will be”.

Try reading all and search that word.