Locate the first cell with a value

Hi folks,

i am trying to use lookup range activity to find a cell position that contains a value and store in a var, but this returns a wrong cell. The cell what i want to find begins with “B-” but this returns me the first cell that contains “B-”

please, is there any way to find the first cell that begins with this string using any type of wildcards in lookup range activity?

thanks!! BR.

Lookup Range activity returns the first found cell address that contains a given value.

If you want to look into a particular column or range, please mention in the properties of Lookup range in the Range field.

It returns the matches result only from the given range.

Hi KarthikByggari,

the range is not important :wink: , i have to search in the A:A range and type it in the range, but what i need is to use a wildcard to find the first cell that begins with B- , and get the cell position.

thank you!!! :slight_smile: BR

hello @cacafundi
Check if other cell even contain B- the reason its giving you a wrong cell is some other
cell contains that particular keyword for instance
Cell B2 contain abcB- and cell A7 contains only B- it’ll display Cell B2 in its output

Hi vickydas,

yes, correct that is what i mean, is due to this that i must use a regex pattern in lookup range but i don’t know how :wink: .

thanks BR.

Hello @cacafundi
I used Index of row and column to get the data with out using Lookup
Check the work below for better understanding
LookUpLinq.xaml (25.3 KB)

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