Local user and directory user

Hi, With Azure AD integration process, we manage users by groups.
What happens when I delete the existing local user from Orchestrator tenant?

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I believe,

  1. user is removed from all roles and permissions in orchestrator
  2. user if was a member of an Azure AD Group, the user will be removed from that group
  3. if that user is the only member of a AD group, that group will get deleted
  4. if that user is the last member of that group, then group will be marked for deletion but will not be deleted until a new member is added.

cheers @hieu.ta

What I have observed what happens with Azure AD integration with Orchestrator Cloud Group.
Case 1: New user: first time when user logs in to Orchestrator, a new user with Directory type will be created.
Case 2: Existing local user: when the user logs in to Orchestrator, no new user is created. This is the background for my question. Now when I delete this local user, what happens to his/her next login ? Will it be back to case 1?

yeah if the user is removed and if same user logs in again, a new user with Directory type will be created as Case 1, as i believe orchestrator sync with Azure AD to grant the user access @hieu.ta

hope its clarified @hieu.ta