Local Machine time not in sync with the system time

When trying to log into assistant I was met with the following message:

It may be important to note that I am doing this on a company server, when I first came onto this server it had a time different to my own, after I got this message I changed the timezone to match with my timezone but the time was still off by 7 hours so I picked a timezone which would give me the time that I have on my own machine but I am still getting the error message.

Changing the time manually is not an option and must be done via changing timezones.

Hi @omari_lawrence,
Is it your own Orchestrator instance?

Good day, sorry for such a late response but yes it is my own.

Please contact our technical support. As an enterprise user you have a dedicates support there :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for your help

What is the solution for the above issue, while connecting to the Orchestrator?