Local account at UiPath Cloud

Hi guys,

Is there a way to create the local account at UiPath Cloud? We are migrating from on-premises. We just want to set up couple local testing account. Maybe I miss somewhere. Cannot find the way to create the account


Hi @steven.deng,

What do you mean by setting up a local account?

I was recently involved in migrating from on-premise to cloud and this is our process:

  1. Current state → machines and bot accounts in production connected to on-premise orchestrator
  2. Dedicate one machine to connect to cloud orchestrator, install latest Studio
  3. Create all bot accounts in cloud orchestrator with same settings as on-premise
  4. Use the UiPath Orchestrator migration tool to copy from on-premise and create on cloud:
    4.1 Packages
    4.2 Processes
    4.3 Assets
    4.4 Queues
    4.5 Triggers
  5. Transition state → gradually test and deploy processes in cloud orchestrator
  6. Disconnect more machines from on-premise and connect to cloud orchestrator
  7. For each process successfully deployed to cloud, disable trigger on the on-premise side
  8. End state → all processes running from cloud, all machines and bot accounts connected to cloud

All machines and bot accounts remain on-premise.
Only difference is they are now connected to cloud orchestrator instead of on-premise orchestrator.

Hope this helps.

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I found the account related info at UiPath document. Thank you for the thoughtful migration strategy and valuable suggestions