Loading or editing or deleting data using run query or run command is slow

Hi All,

Can anyone help me determine what cause my app to be so slow when reading, adding or updating using run query activities in studio.

My app is so slow results show after a minute or more most of the the time.

Please advice guys.


Is the data huge?

And normally as well is it taking time when you execute?

Can you procide more details please like how and what youa re using


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@Anil_G I realized running process in studio is faster but when I run the same process in orchestrator it takes more time. For example in studio, process run in 10 seconds but in Orchestrator in takes 50 seconds.


Everytime is it taking that much time?

And generally from orchestrator…it first needs to login and then start the process so if the machine login takes some time then even that would increase over all time

And generally first time as mentioned package downloads would be happening so generally it takes some time

Apart from that can you check detailed logs like if the process itself is slow or any part of the process is going slow that way we can tackle specifically



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