Loading asset XYZ failed: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0

Hi Team,

I am getting an error while executing a process with unattended licence for a robot account.

Its not able to read any assets defined in the folder.
I have assigned the robot user and the machine to the same folder where the assets are defined,but i get the following for the assets error when the job starts

Loading asset ******* failed: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0
: Loading asset ******* failed: The operation has timed out.

When i execute the same automation with attended user licence(using UIPATH assistant or from studio) i don’t get any error .

Its the issue when i try to execute using unattended robot account.
I have created the connection with machine key in orchestrator settings.
The status it dispalys in UIPATH assistant in this case is
“Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve licence. Contact your administrator”

You need to allocate the license properly here !

Go to your Orchestrator → Tenants → License and see if the License is allocated properly or not.

The Above video Might Help

Happy Automation !!

Hello @Benajir_Khan1

Please check the below doc and confirm you have given enough permissions to access the assets.

Hi @Benajir_Khan1,

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Your license may be insufficient. Check by going to the license area in Orchestrator.



Hi Rahul,

Assets are defined in the same folder where the Robot User and machine are added.And the value is set at global level.

Thanks for your reply Ishan.

I have checked all the settings and the licence allocated is coming as orange( Connected to Orchestrator. Unable to retrieve licence. Contact your administrato) in UIPATH assistant.

But when i execute job from orchestrator, i think it acquire the one of the available unattended production licence at runtime and that’s the reason it executes till the point to read Assets.

Issue i am facing is that while reading assets it throws an error as mentioned above when the job is executed with unattended bot.

Thanks for your reply.
Licences are available of Unattended production type for bot to execute.

It executes till the point to read assets and than throws the warning and fail in Init state.

Could it be a compatibility issue? Please remove all asset activities. Update Uipath.System activity and add assets again. @Benajir_Khan1