Loading asset System1_Credentials failed: Column 'System1_Credentials' does not belong to table .Can anyone tell what this issue is?


U said to import Config(“in_Credential”) at getappcredentials. But i am getting error as config not declared


could you give me your framework code.


Reframework01.zip (3.1 MB)

Please find this attached workflow.Can u tell me what is wrong in it?already i shared config and orchestrator screens…


Your process is so confusing. I found many redundancy process. but I passed your error.

what you need is.

  1. set blank everything on Asset Sheet.
  2. Settings Sheet.
  3. import Config("In_Credential).toString on System1_Login

try these first and let me know.

fly away.

Level 3 assignment 1 - workflow doesen‘t work

Thanks,will try it


in system 1 login arguments at value if i give in_Config(“in_Credential”).ToString,it is saying in_config or config is not declared


Hi.Thank you so much…warning resolved.Completed assignment.


Glad to hear it.

Fly away.