Loading asset System1_Credentials failed: Column 'System1_Credentials' does not belong to table .Can anyone tell what this issue is?

yes it is checked previously.can u share your workflow please

how to check data table having system1_Credentials or not?

My problem is that everything executing fine except this error (Loading asset System1_Credentials failed: Column ‘System1_Credentials’ does not belong to table .).

Everything is executing fine i.e all work items are getting updated and browser getting closed.

Sorry for late response,

could you share your config.xls.

and screenshot your asset on the orchestartor

fyi, Asset has two type 1. Asset Value and 2. Asset Credential.


the Asset you’ve declared on Config.xls is only for Asset Value.

if you want to use Asset Credential, You need to use

GetAppCredential, you can get from framework folder in your Framework.

and you need to hardcode your asset name as default on argument following your asset name on Orchestrator.

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please find orchestrator assets

please find settings sheet

please find assets sheet

You cannot do like that, please follow my second answer with clue “fyi”.

that means in assets sheet also,i should give whatever i given in orcestrator ?

and in get orchestrator credentials arguments i should give at value column as orchestrator robot credentials or asset credentials?

Yes, except Credential. I use Asset sheet for storing Url so it easy for me to change the URL on Orchestrator.

Asset Credential. As I see your Settings Sheet. you declare In_Credential as a key, and In_credential as a value.

so when you call getAppCredential Seq you can import argument Config(“In_Credential”).

Ok. Thanks.

I will try it.
In your screenshot u have given testrobot-credential right .what is that in your orchestrator?

No. that screen only default value. but in Settings sheet I put In_Credential = System1_Credential and Orchestrator same as you “System1_Credential”


U said to import Config(“in_Credential”) at getappcredentials. But i am getting error as config not declared

could you give me your framework code.

Reframework01.zip (3.1 MB)

Please find this attached workflow.Can u tell me what is wrong in it?already i shared config and orchestrator screens…

Your process is so confusing. I found many redundancy process. but I passed your error.

what you need is.

  1. set blank everything on Asset Sheet.
  2. Settings Sheet.
  3. import Config("In_Credential).toString on System1_Login

try these first and let me know.

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Thanks,will try it

in system 1 login arguments at value if i give in_Config(“in_Credential”).ToString,it is saying in_config or config is not declared

Hi.Thank you so much…warning resolved.Completed assignment.

Glad to hear it.

Fly away.

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