Loading a list- one item at a time on a Webpage

Hi guys

I have a list of team members to load onto an online form.
a seperate web page loads to add each team member (a pop up webpage linked to the main webpage)
the pop up web page has a field for the name and role of the team member . these fields need to get filled in, the team member gets saved and a new web page loads.

When the bot runs, it clicks on the correct field but types too fast or doesn’t type at all. The name doesn’t get typed in but the role will get typed in.

Things i have tried:
i have tried delays between keys and simulate typing but this doesn’t work consistently. it will work on the first team member but not the rest on the list
i checked with message boxes and the list of team members from the table is read correctly. the problem comes with the actual typing on the web page that loads
i have placed dynamic delays to ensure the webpage loads before the typing starts

Has anyone had this issue loading information onto a web page?

Use Element Exists on the pop up before trying to type into it.

Also on the activities themselves (i.e. type into) change the WaitForReady property to Complete.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you! I did try this as well with no success

Have you looked to see whether the selector changes for those particular fields?

It seems strange to work first time round, add highlights before you type in to ensure that the fields are being identified correctly etc.

adding to what @TimK said,
in element exists property increase the time out property to 90(90000) seconds and then wait for Ready let it be interactive.

Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

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Hi @Ra_ees_Khan,

Use wait element vanish
It will wait till the popup came